Cindy Brady, Real Estate Promoter

Hollywood History Remodeled: TV Icon The Brady Bunch House

Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) talks to Reviewer TV about the iconic TV house from The Brady Bunch. Click this pic for the video interview or scroll down to the bottom of the post.
Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady talks to Reviewer TV about the iconic TV house from The Brady Bunch.

Susan Olsen, the original Cindy (the youngest one in curls) from The Brady Bunch TV show, as she talks with Reviewer TV about the restoration of the house in the opening scene from the sitcom of yore.

Rob: We’re here with Susan Olsen, the original Cindy Brady.

Susan: Yep. At the C.I.A.

Rob: At the C.I.A. with Carl Crew, master of ceremonies.
[Carl makes spooky face and hand gesture]

Rob: And we are talking about the original house for the Brady’s, that they’ve restored, who bought it now, tell us about that?

Susan: HD TV bought it, and um– for all the people who were really paying attention, the actual house on the outside, the exterior couldn’t have possibly been the set–

Rob: Right.

Susan: It’s a one-story house!

Rob: Uh-huh.

Susan: Um– so they bought it and they decided to make the interior look just like our set, which I thought was impossible. I thought– well you’re gonna have to compromise the front, believe it or not, you walk into that house, it looks like the set, and yet from the outside– from the street– there’s no change to the exterior. It still looks like it.

Rob: And it’s right down the street here basically, at Studio City, what is the address?

Susan: Um– something– something, Dilling street. They changed it to 22– whatever, Clinton Way for one day because that was the Brady’s address, but it was only for one day. Because we don’t need the name Clinton on any streets.

Rob: Too political.
[All laugh]

Rob: Um, and they are gonna turn it maybe into a bed and breakfast or something, maybe a museum?

Susan: They must make it a bed and breakfast.

Carl: They really should make it into an Airbnb. If it’s gonna be a tourist attraction it would screw around with the neighbors and they would get easily annoyed. If they make it an Airbnb, it would be more–
[Susan nods]

Yeah, but the neighbors have been very nice. They said that you know– for years, people would
stop, they would take pictures, and then you know– they would go on.

Rob: Because it was never actually involved in the filming, it was just that one scene, the one-shot– the very beginning of the exterior–
[Susan nods]

Susan: Never. So none of us– a lot of us have never been there.
[a young man taps Susan on the back from behind]

Susan: Oh, this is my son! He works at the–

Susan’s son: Mom! Shut up!
[Rob chuckles]

Okay Mom, thanks, Mom!
[Susan’s son whispers something unintelligible to Susan]

Susan: Okay–

Rob: Cindy Brady’s son was interrupting us there, but that’s fine.
[Susan smiles and nods]

Susan: He’s in a band called (Unintelligible).

Rob: What is it? (unintelligible)?

Susan: (Unintelligible) If you look it up it’s the only thing you will find because that’s why they named it (unintelligible), cuz if you google it you’ll only find the band.

Rob: That’s good. Trademarking. Good branding.

Carl: They have performed here.

Susan: Yes! They performed here at the C.I.A.

Rob: When are they going to perform here next?

Carl: Oh let me check!
[waves hand in front of face as if consulting an oracle]

Carl: You have to look at the calendar on facebook, CIAbnormal arts to check it out.
[Susan laughs]

Rob: How do people get a gig here? If they wanna like–

Carl: They have to go to facebook at CIabnormal arts and message me.

Rob: Okay, okay, even if it’s like short term? Like if they gotta be here next week or something– can they drop in that quick?

Carl: They can contact me yes.

Rob: Okay. Alright well, thank you!

Susan: [nodding] Thank you!

And hopefully this will happen pretty fast, right? It will be open to the public pretty soon or do you think–

Susan: No. No– we’re doing a Christmas special there in August.

Rob: We? Who’s we?

Susan: [laughs] The cast!

Rob: Okay, the whole cast!

Susan: All six of us that are still alive.

Rob: Yeah, wow.

Susan: The– [makes quotation marks with hands] “Kids.” All the grown ups have gone.

Rob: Nice.

Susan: Yeah but uh–

Carl: That’s gonna be so cool.

Susan: They are still toying with different ideas, I’ve talked to the Property Brothers about this, they’re on the same page.

Rob: The Property Brothers? Or the people who bought it?

Susan: Yeah I mean– well they’re saying it should be an Airbnb.

Rob: Is that a real estate company, or is that a film company?

Susan: Oh the Property Brothers are two of HD TV’s most popular hosts, there’s the– all of the big hosts were involved in turning this home into– it’s a miracle, it’s really amazing what they’ve done.

Carl: It is.

Rob: Huh. Iconic, very cool.

Susan: It still looks like a one-story house from the front. It’s weird!

Rob: They didn’t like (unintelligible) it or anything did they?

Susan: Hm?

Rob: In the interim nobody bought it and made it bigger or anything? Didn’t do any heavy remodeling or anything to it?

Susan: No, oh no! In fact– this looked like it had maybe been a little bit remodeled in the ’80s, but I mean you walk into that house and it looks nothing like the Bradys set, it wasn’t. And it was pretty old fashioned looking, frock wallpaper and– [laughs]. But you know, it was old people.

Rob: Cool.

Carl: I just remember as a kid seeing the exterior, and seeing the mountains in the background, just the specific shape on the mountains in the background– and driving by it and not knowing, and going– [gasps] and then realizing, that is the house, and it brought back a lot of memories.

Rob: Nice, thanks, guys.