Is M1 Finance A Scam?

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But the economy is so good!

:: by Reviewer Rob ::

Do any of you, dear readers, know anything about selling through the online investing app M1 Finance? I’m having a confusing time doing it.

I’m trying to sell off some of the stock I have with M1 Finance, the online Stock Investing app. Anyone else know about this thing and can maybe provide some guidance? I can’t find the button to sell and then download the cash back into my bank account, and when I try to call this tech support number that they have I get a recorded message sending me to voicemail saying “sorry” I missed them, and I have to call back before 5 p.m. Central Time. According to Google when I called it was about 4:00 p.m. Central Time. One must wonder now if the reason why there’s no up-front fees associated with this online investing app is because it’s kind of a scam. I just want my money!

Yikes, now I found the M1 complaint page at the BBB HERE. I wish I would have known this before opening my account with them. Help!

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M1 Finance tech support number is unreachable even before 5 p.m.
How do you cash out your stocks with M1 Finance? Can anyone tell me?

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