Come and Learn, Homebuyer

Lol! Nice try BAIT & SWITCH National Real Estate Network!

By Prospector Bob

Originally posted 7/28/19 unedited on Instagram.

A few moments ago I left a “National Real Estate Network” meeting at the Hilton Mission Valley I planned to attend that I saw advertised somewhere, probably through an email send to me, or mayne facebook, I don’t recall exactly. But the moment I showed up at the front desk I was handed a one-page release form I was asked to sign and add my phone number by a white guy named Jeremy and some black guy whose name I don’t recall. Anyways, they said it was simply a form saying that I was agreeing to not photograph, videotape, record, or pass out business cards inside the meeting. The black guy didn’t even bother to look up at me from his phone as he was texting and added, “You said you didn’t bring your business cards anyway, right?” I told him, “No I didn’t say that,” and they both laughed.

I excused myself to sit down at a couch a few feet away and began to read the very densely worded release form which looked like five or six paragraphs of sub 12-point type and in the very first line at the top of the page it read something like, “I hereby release my photo and likeness to be recorded by the network to use blah blah blah…” I walked back to the table and chuckled, telling them, “This is a model’s release form!” They replied, “That’s just what it says it can’t be altered or amended in any way.”

I laughed again, telling them, “Thanks, I’ll pass,” and set it back down on the table with their pain and walked out as I could hear them laughing at my back.

Haha — using bait and switch is not the best first impression to give, National Real Estate Network.

Bait and switch.
Bait and switch.
Bait and switch.

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